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Once again, the hills of Valparaiso will welcome the best PRO local and international pilots who will  compete for a spot on the podium at Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo. The Slovak Filip Polc was crowned champion for the second time in a row last year, so lets check out how tricky will be an updated track, with even more crazy narrow stairs, big jumps and drop features .
City Downhill World Tour 2015- Santos day 1 Crazy commented track preview from the Polcsters cockpit.
The traditional start of the season in Brasilian hot Santos  -  Descida das Escadas de Santos or descending the Holy Stairs of the Santos City. Crazy crowd, big jumps and fast  narrow sections. Check it out!
Fantastic City Downhill World Tour finals inTaxco
The most crowded race of the season, 45.000 spectators on the venue!!

The final race of the 2014 season was going on in Mexico. Historical City of Taxco is ofering unique landscape to host the last race of the World Tour last October.

City Downhill World Tour 2015 teaser
2015 season is here!
The World Tour and its 2.nd edition is here! We have more spectacular places ready for this season and lot of andrenalin and fun again!!

Taxco Citydownhill / MEXICO

The FINAL race of the 2016 season will be as traditionally  in Taxco Mexico!
Lets see who will be the overall winner this year!

1. Johannes Fischbach
2. Filip Polc
3. Bernardo Cruz
4. Tomáš Slavík
(Czech Republic)
5. Gustavo Ortiz
6. Antonio Villoni
7. Matias Nuňez
8. Mauricio Acuňa
9. Santiago de Santiago
10. Pedro Ferreira

Johannes Fischbach


27 years old,born in Rehau in Germany.

One of the best German riders, 4X World Cup podiums, 

1st place current ranking CDWT.

Radon Magura Factory Team.

follow him on 

Tomáš Slavík


The 4X multiple World Champion an 4X World Cup Winner, city downhill lover.

28 years old from Brno, Czech republic.

Rides for RRP Ghost team with Johannes Fischbach.

For more info , check out his cool brad new  webpage:

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Contact person: Jana Vasová
Phone: +421948288887 Email: